Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bible Stories in Rhyme! : Welcome to BibleTalesOnline! (By SamDoum)


Hello! And welcome to Bible Tales Online ! Your home for the most fun, easy, and entertaining way to read the Bible! :

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a Bible written for children and adults alike? And wouldn’t it be even more terrific if this new Bible retold the stories of the Old Testament in a fun, clean, lucid, and easy to understand language? Well no need to wait any further. “Bible Tales: The First Five Books  in Rhyme (for children and adults)” is here!

Books like “Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For children and adults)” are extremely rare. It is not often that you’ll find an adult as well as children’s book that paraphrases the Bible using rhythm and rhyme.  Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For children and adults)”, however, may appeal to all ages, specifically 4 years and up, and in this enchanting book that I have written, I have retold the stories of Creation through The Death Of Moses: all through the use of rhythm and rhyme with nearly five hours of poetry storytelling—all for your reading enjoyment!
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Please take a moment: And browse my site—read all about Adam and Eve, the story of Creation, or the Flood. And read it all in poetry!

And then once you’re done, you be the judge: If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and you think it’s worth it, why not invest $6.99 in the full E-book, which is currently on sale right now on

Not a lot of time to read the “Bible Tales” e-book? Well, I’ve got just the right thing for you! Give my “Bible Tales: The First Five Books (For Children and Adults)” album a try! You can listen to it while you are driving in your car, or while you are running on the treadmill, or even while you are cooking or doing other chores around the house like the dishes, or vacuuming, for example.

Still not convinced? Listen to a FREE sample chapter HERE.

Now, what are you waiting for?—Hurry! Buy your “Bible Tales the First Five Books in Rhyme (for children and adults)" album and e-book today!

And as always, Enjoy!

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